About the Fund for Blind Children

Moira (Plumsy) Stone, was the daughter of Colonel Stone, our Founder. Read more about Plumsy, as told by her sister Shelley…

Colonel James Riley Stone, CM, DSO, MC, CD, was the founder of the Military Police Fund for Blind Children (MPFBC) which had its humble beginnings in 1957. Colonel Stone was the Canadian Army Provost Marshal (Military Police) when his daughter Moira was afflicted with cancer of the eye, resulting in sudden blindness and subsequently death. During his daughter’s illness, Colonel Stone came into contact with organizations that were struggling to help blind children. He became aware that there were many other blind children less fortunate than his daughter who were unable, through lack of money, to enjoy some of the simpler things in life. Their plight affected him tremendously and he was determined to help them in every way he could. He canvassed members of the Military Police, asking them to voluntarily contribute one or two dollars per year and using their donations, established a Fund to help blind children under the age of 13 years.

As a consequence of Colonel Stone’s enthusiasm, the Military Police Fund for Blind Children was established. Issued with a Letter of Patent on October 18, 1976, and a Trust Agreement on October 27, 1977, the Military Police Fund for Blind Children was established as a Charitable Corporation (number 350345) in accordance with Part II of the Canada Corporations Act. This Act, which is administered by the Corporations Directorate of Industry Canada, provides instruction on the establishment and operation of Not-for-profit Corporations as well as the framework for by-laws of which the MPFBC must adhere.

The Military Police Fund for Blind Children (MPFBC) remains unique in Canada, as the only military charity in the country. The Fund is run and managed entirely by Military Police volunteers (both serving and retired, inclusive of all ranks) and it is supported by the entire Canadian Forces Military Police Group. In every Military Police unit, regardless of size or geographic location, you will find a local Fund representative, responsible for the coordination of local fundraising activities and identifying children or organizations that could benefit from the services offered by the Fund. These local representatives report to their respective regional representatives, who also make up the Board of Directors.