Ways We Help

The MPFBC has three main objectives:

1.  To relieve conditions associated with a disability by providing assistive devices and specialized support services to children and young adults up to and including the age of twenty-one who have a medically diagnosed visual impairment.

2.   To relieve conditions associated with a disability by providing athletic and recreational programs to support the physical, mental and emotional well-being of children and young adults up to and including the age of twenty-one with a medically diagnosed visual impairment.

3.  To support charitable organizations and individuals involved in the education, training, and recreation of blind and visually impaired children and young adults.

Applications to the fund can cover a wide range of items that usually fall within one of the five categories below. With that said, the Board of Directors recognizes that this is an ever-evolving world and therefore this list is not exhaustive. In order to be able to fairly distribute the allocated funds for the year, funding requests have been placed into five categories:  

  1. Medical items requiring a prescription (for example; glasses, wheelchair, bath chair, walker)
  2. Educational items/Skills development items (for example; Closed Circuit TV magnifier, Computer, Software, Spinoza Bears, tuition at a specialized institution, educational equipment)
  3. Lifestyle enhancement items that are non-medical in nature (for example; eSight Electronic Eyewear)
  4. Recreational activities (for example; summer camps, weekend classes)
  5. Other activities and equipment (for example; school trips, transportation, escorts)

How to Apply

Anyone residing in Canada can submit a Funding Request Form to the MPFBC. You do NOT have to be affiliated in any manner with either the Canadian Armed Forces or the Canadian Forces Military Police Group.

The MPFBC is unable to approve any Funding Requests for items or services that have already been purchased or after services have been provided so please submit all funding requests prior to making purchases.

To submit a Funding Request please email the following paperwork to the Regional Representative in your area:

  • Completed Funding Request Form (PDF);
  • A letter or other correspondence from a competent authority (doctor, social worker, educational therapist, etc.) describing the medical condition and severity of visual impairment;
  • A letter or other correspondence explaining how the requested funding will provide some benefit to the child in relation to their visual impairment. It is recommended that you seek the assistance of Vision Consultants working in the various Blind/Low Vision Programs in your neighbourhood;
  • A brief personal history or bio of the child so that the Board may have a better understanding of the impact of the disability on your child. This is usually in the form of a letter from the legal guardian(s); and
  • A minimum of two official price quotes for the item(s) being requested. An official price quote is: dated; addressed specifically to the requestor; valid for a certain length of time and one which clearly indicates the cost as well as the exact item(s)/service(s) to be provided if there are any.┬áSingle source submissions will not usually be accepted unless it can be clearly be shown that only one resource is possible (e.g. request for attendance at a specific camp). When providing the amount of funding requested, please ensure you are including taxes and shipping. If the item(s) are being ordered from outside Canada there could be some additional costs for shipping and duties, in addition to rate exchanges.